A little bit about the girl behind The Enchanted Easel…


I can’t remember a time when art wasn’t a part of my life. As a child, my fondest memories included coloring in coloring books for hours on end, drawing on any surface I could get my little hands on, watching my grandfather sculpt and my aunt paint. Art is in my blood.

All those days of “teaching” art to my stuffed animals (elephants, mainly) as a child, became my reality as an adult. After earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts, I spent almost two decades as a teacher of young children. Molding the minds (and hands) of little Picassos was my day job. Painting my dreams like Van Gogh was how I spent my evenings…and lunch breaks…and early mornings.

Creating whimsical and enchanting art is what makes me the happiest. Dreamy, magical floral gardens full of abstract blooms and beautiful blossoms. I especially have a passion for adorning the walls of girls rooms of all ages with my imaginative, intuitive florals. From baby girls to sweet sixteens and beyond.

Gardens and gardens of imaginary flowers…here’s hoping they bring you as much joy as I find in creating them.

~Nicole Esposito, painter


a few of my very favorite things...

  • paint

  • oil pastels

  • snow

  • flowers (blue poppies are ethereal)

  • vincent van gogh

  • coffee

  • books

  • elephants

and her creative partner in crime.

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